Jonathan Sontag

We had our entire engagement photoshoot planned out for the hills of Santa Barbara a few months back. We met up with our dear friends Stacey and Tyler from Stacey Ramesy Photographie, lugged everything up onto the rocky plateau... and it began to rain.

Wet, tired, and a little frustrated, we had to leave. Once we got back to the car, Stacey and Tyler were so positive and aggressive about finding us a new location. After stopping at a few different places around the countryside, getting kicked out of a horse ranch, contemplating jumping a barbed wire fence, and getting covered in mud, we nearly gave up. In a moment of pure luck, we noticed an old farm area off the side of the road that provided us with much needed cover while the rain kept falling and eventually cleared up for a bit right at sunset. Sometimes these things we plan don't work out, but for a very good reason. We couldn't be happier with how the lovely photo set turned out!

with love,
The Sundays