Jonathan Sontag

As the holidays quickly approach and our thoughts turn to favorite family memories, this post seems especially meaningful. My best friend (of a whopping 25 years) got married this summer in, literally, one of the most beautiful spots in the country... needless to say it was the highlight of the season for us. We made sure to take advantage of this destination event and spent a couple days enjoying the scenic drive and snapping pictures through Northern California and into Oregon. Leaving the city behind to trek through the Avenue of the Giants was a great reminder for us to slow down and take a breath, whenever possible.

As for the wedding itself? Pure. Joy. I'm pretty sure every bride (myself included) at some point has fantasized about being a woodland princess on her wedding day, surrounded by just a handful of closest friends and family, with so much grand scenery around that no one would have been surprised if a few fairies started flying by. It's with happy and grateful hearts that we say congratulations to my beautiful friend, Lori, and her handsome beau, Luis. 

with love,
The Sundays